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Harwood Surveying, and our predecessors, have been in continuous operation serving the needs of our clients since 1860. My family and I have guided this firm for a century. We are now in our 4th generation. We have always specialized in property line determinations. We have never suffered a lawsuit or had a serious accident to any of our people for all of that time. This was no accident. It came as a result of sacrifice, care and concern. To my Grandfather, Julius Harwood, who led the way, perfect work was an expectation and considered no more than merely acceptable.

Throughout the history of Harwood Surveying, it has been the ongoing support of our clients who have enabled our continued success. I am proud of our achievements and our tradition of pro-bono service to the public and our profession. The accolades that we have earned go beyond anything I had ever expected or imagined.

Through the years of my schooling and my contact with the industry I have heard constant references to the science of Surveying. To my family and I, we do not see it that way. Surveying in New York City is an Art form. When properly performed, it is an endeavor to find and eliminate all potential errors in consideration of measurement, law and morality and to arrive at the best possible determinations. Surveying as an art form is particularly critical in Manhattan where the proper procedures of surveying are more complex than anywhere else in the world.

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